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Helping to reduce the “Autumn Blues”

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As we start to get ready to go back to work towards the end of the holiday season, and the children are getting their uniforms sorted out, then people’s perceptions of stress may start to increase.  With the start of autumn just a few weeks away, and with the prospect of the nights beginning to draw in, this time of the year can prove itself to be a little daunting.

Posted by Christine Beardwood on 20 August 2015 Tags: , ,
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Motivation with Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy can help with motivation, most of us start with good intentions to lose weight, take up exercise, stop smoking, or change our lives in one way or another only to find that the motivation has gone out the window some weeks later. Putting pressure on ourselves to do something different can add more additional pressure, so we need to understand our true motivations as well as understanding the reasons for doing what we want to do before we can really fulfil our goals.

Posted by Christine Beardwood on 13 August 2015 Tags: , ,
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How to quit smoking for a healthier you

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Hypnotherapy has the reputation for being the best way to quit smoking available, this is acknowledged by the British Medical Association. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help someone who is determined to quit smoking for good. Even a small habit of smoking a few cigarettes a day can have a big effect on both finances and health. Smoking really is a dying habit and The Beardwood Practice’s one off session, which lasts a couple of hours, can really cement permanent change, the client can leave The Beardwood Practice and simply not smoke again.

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