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Find balance in this chaotic world

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If we are not in touch with our own being we are actually trying to get somewhere without servicing our tools first. Mindfulness meditation helps us service the tools, tune in and helps the day GO!  Living in the moment and having balance is fundamental to having a good quality of life.  By self-reflecting, being just still and none doing helps in all areas of your life.

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New Year New You!

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As we head into 2016 you may be looking at alternative ways to ease the stresses of working, and living, in our modern hectic 24/7 lifestyle. As you take on more and more, you can sometimes find that we struggle to cope, and so, stress becomes that unseen burden that can lead you to become anxious, sleepless and prone to anger or even overeating.  “Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to help to empty ourselves of stress and to be more at peace with the world around us,” say’s fully qualified, registered and insured practitioner Christine Beardwood. “We work with a client to help them move forward in their lives to greater achievements in a relaxed, calm and confident way.”

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Helping to reduce the “Autumn Blues”

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As we start to get ready to go back to work towards the end of the holiday season, and the children are getting their uniforms sorted out, then people’s perceptions of stress may start to increase.  With the start of autumn just a few weeks away, and with the prospect of the nights beginning to draw in, this time of the year can prove itself to be a little daunting.

Posted by Christine Beardwood on 20 August 2015 Tags: , ,
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