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needle phobia

Needle phobias

Needle phobia can cause intense fear, you may avoid doctors, dentists and much needed medical procedures.  The symptoms of panic attack are unbearable and impact of the needle phobia puts health at risk due to avoiding medical treatments.

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Needle Phobia

What causes needle phobia?

Many people learn a phobia from someone close to them, so if a parent suffered from the phobia the fear can be easily communicated and transferred to the child.  Others acquire needle phobia as a result of trauma either being upset as a child, the medical professions careless handling of past treatments or technical problems.  Some have no fear of needles at all, but may have an extreme fear of suffering the physical effects of a needle phobia reaction.  Some people have what’s known medically as the vasovagal reflex reaction which means they faint and occasionally go into convulsions before, during or after a needle procedure.  It is a part of what is known as blood-injury-injection phobia and is a purely biological reaction, probably genetic, and is completely different from all other kinds of phobia. 

We learn very quickly, and sometimes we learn to generalise a bad experience into every successive experience.  There can be connections to other problems such as fear of bleeding, or fear of medical procedures, the fear of the medical environment, smells that add weight and complication to the phobia.  Another complicating factor is the fear of the fear, of worrying about if you will panic the next time which can bring on a panic attack.

Within a short period of time a phobic response becomes a habit, certain triggers will set off your panic feelings, and all the associated behaviours.  Fears create a pattern of thoughts and behaviours and some are conscious which we are aware of while others are subconscious and outside of our awareness.

Hypnotherapy works at a deep, unconscious level by re-programming your thoughts, changing your associations and replacing them with new more appropriate feelings, allowing you to develop a new perspective without the original fear and take back control of your life.  We use progressive muscle relaxation to help alleviate the fears and emotions.  

Hypnotherapy & needle phobia

Hypnotherapy works at a deep, unconscious level to enhance the re-patterning and changing how you think. You can free yourself from needle phobia by using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  Allowing yourself to behave as most people do, thinking of it as a minor unpleasantness, something you want over and done with in order to get the necessary treatments needed.

Hypnosis is completely natural, safe & relaxing.  You will remain conscious and in complete control during the treatment.

All client data is kept strictly confidential.

Session Fee - £60.00 each session including CDs

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