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Trauma & PTSD Hypnotherapy

Free your mind of Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events can be very difficult to come to terms with even years after the trauma, hypnotherapy is an affective way to move forward in your life.  Which means it's never too late to seek help.  Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis, Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is experienced by many people in their lives, for many different reasons.  Trauma and PTSD can cause strong reactions by people witnessing atrocities such as in war, but also to those exposed to sexual abuse, brutality, or physical or emotional abuse in relationships.

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“Trauma changes our perceptual experience of the world around us”

When such things happen to us in our lives it’s difficult to make sense of what happened to us and negative emotions are the consequence. Affecting our lives in different ways such as withdrawing from or not engaging in relationships or society, difficult for others to be around us, causing stress in others, eating in ways that are harmful to us, struggling with addictions, and suffering from depression, fears, anger, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and low self-worth.

shutterstock 462425596 happy woman2Free yourself from the negative painful memories.

Trauma can change our personality, mood, memory, motivation, resilience, cognitive function, and perception. In turn it can then change relationships, families, and successes in life.  We start to think differently forming negative thoughts about yourself causing self-doubt and perceiving the world and people as scary or dangerous.  Manifesting itself in chronic shock, physical illness, hypervigilance, flashbacks, exaggerated startle, or problems sleeping or concentrating and even reckless or high-risk behaviour.

Why Traumatic Events Leave a Lasting Impact

Trauma can affect a person’s life months and years after the event occurred and the difficulties that can arise interfere with everyday life. Traumatic events in our lives leave traumatic thoughts in our mind and because we keep over thinking the event sometimes for years we relive it again and again and gain. This changes behaviour and people don’t always realize how negative emotions, problems in relationships, and low self-esteem are directly related to past traumatic experiences. Negative emotions can make a person push away the memories or fight against these feelings. Yet it is the avoidance of these symptoms and memories that sneak into daily activities, behaviour, daydreams, thoughts, flash backs and nightmares. So the longer traumatic events are ignored the longer the traumatic memories will control us affecting our lives in negative ways.

shutterstock 314717009 SAD SOLDIERHypnotherapy for Trauma and PostTraumatic Stress

Hypnotherapy directly helps to address the trauma and their affects allowing you to change negative thought patterns in the subconscious mind which affects our physical bodies, and energy fields allowing you to be free of the negative thought patterns and emotions.  Feeling a sense of relief and transforming yourself to how you really want to be.

family happy2I use a combination of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques, helping you to reduce the impact and the symptoms associated with trauma.  By using the calming properties of hypnosis it help to diminish the anxiety associated with the trauma and improving sleep patterns helps you to move forward with your life. While also learning to live more fully in the present moment in order to regain control over your life.  

“No longer be held hostage by the past”

Hypnosis is completely natural, safe & relaxing.  You will remain conscious and in complete control during the treatment.

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Face to face sessions in my Practice or online - Zoom hypnotherapy  


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